Battle For Glory

2018-12-07 16:05

Are you one of those boys that desires to become a man? Or do you consider yourself a man already? Prove it! Fight against 50-100 gladiators and win your freedom by becoming the champion of the arena. Do you think gladiator royale adds a new dimension to the genre? Or is the gamemode overused?

Esports visions

2018-11-29 00:00

There is a reason WHY we won't stop until Day of Glory is finished. Read it here gladiators: Our motivation is simple. Electronic Sports. You’ve read that right. One of our founders is a former E-Athlete, so he knows what effort and time people put into becoming the absolute best. Reaction time-, mindset- and team synergy training up to 10 hours a day whilst also balancing school and social life. His teachers, parents and friends didn't understand him and all asked themselves the same question: “Why?”. Why would he spent so much time on a video game? But it didn’t matter to him, he had a goal he believed he could achieve. Becoming the world champion. Was it worth it? Abso-f*cking-lutely. Every single gamer on this planet will share that same feeling. Even though his motivation was clear, he found out that the people surrounding him didn't understand his passion. They just didn’t get it. To them it was silly to spend all those hours behind a computer screen playing video games, it was a waste of time. But deep inside he knew that everything he was doing served a purpose. A purpose that he believed and still believes he can fulfill. Gamers aren't just gamers. They are athletes, e-athletes. They deserve the same recognition as professional athletes who excel in conservative sports. Luckily most competitive gamers understand this. Unfortunately most people from the outside world don't. Anarch Games wants to change this mindset and we believe we can achieve just that. We will create games that are entertaining to watch, even for the people that don't know a f*cking thing about video games. The experiences that we are creating will break the barrier between gamers and non-gamers. They will be so radical that even your parents will enjoy them. This is a big task and we can't do this alone. We need help from you, the gamers. Share our story with your fellow gamers to help us achieve the goal that needs to be achieved. As gladiators we will fight to lift the Electronic Sports industry to a whole new level.

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